Open-Source Code

We hate closed-sourced software: it hides bad things like trackers. Lavender, however, is completely open-source, minus an API key here and there, allowing users of Lavender to help it grow to be even better. Plus, we couldn't mine your data if we wanted; the Wumpus would frown upon such.

Moderation Made Easy

Complex things such as timing a temp- mute or ban manually, doing a warning spreadsheet, or even logging moderation actions is hard. Let Lavender take that off your shoulders and make it as easy as hop, skip, and a jump! Warning: hop, skip, and a jump will not do anything; you'll have to use the actual command for something such as a mute.

Server Fun Made Funner

Lavender makes your server so fun that we use the word "Funner." With Rock Paper Scissors right around the corner and many other games to come soon, Lavender is going to make games in your Discord server be slightly less boring. It'll never be as exciting as something like CS:GO though; sorry.

Ready to Use A Bot Like No Other?